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Sea Breezes started life in 1919 as the in-house organ of the Liverpool shipping firm, Pacific Steam Navigation Company (PSNC), but soon expanded its focus to include news about commercial shipping in general. Initially, ten editions were produced each year.

This was the case until the late 1930s, when, to further reflect this change in focus, and the awareness that shipping was of considerable interest – not only to seafarers – but many people from all walks of life, the title was changed to Sea Breezes – The Ship Lovers’ Magazine.

During that time, it was published by Charles Birchall and Sons, 17 James Street, Liverpool. The normal production of the magazine ceased in October 1939 for the duration of World War Two. Paper had become difficult to source and the editor at that time – Lieutenant- Commander J Francis Hall, RD, RNR – was on active service with the Royal Navy. However, it did continue during the war as a weekly (Saturday) column in the Journal of Commerce and Shipping Telegraph.

Full production of the magazine as a separate publication resumed in January 1946, when the title had changed again, this time, to Sea Breezes – The Ship Lovers’ Digest.

Since then several different straplines have been used to accompany the main title. In 1965, twelve issues were produced each year. A colour photograph was used on the cover for the first time in August 1973, with the most significant format change being introduced in January 1999, with the change from A5 to A4 size.

The first editor of Sea Breezes was Thomas Edwin “Pardy” Edwards. In 1924, he was succeeded by Captain FW Siddall, who held the post until it was taken over by Captain Otho F Mc M Nicholson in 1929. Eight years later, Lieutenant-Commander J Francis Hall took the helm, returning briefly to the position in 1946 after his war service, prior to passing the responsibility to Mr George Bonwick. In 1953, Mr George Dickinson assumed command, before handing over the watch to the longest serving editor – 24 years – Mr Craig JM Carter in 1962. He was followed in 1986 and for the next 10 years by Mr CH Milsom, until Captain Andrew Douglas occupied the editorial chair from 1996 till 2009. Whilst 2019 was a year of celebration for the magazine (celebrating our centenary), it was overshadowed by the sad passing of the editor and director for the last decade, Captain Hamish Ross. Captain Peter Corrin recently took over editorship and is excited to be leading Sea Breezes into a new century.

Captain Peter Corin, Editor

Captain Peter Corrin, Editor

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