Launch of a Unique Memorial to a Memory


THE NEW Invergordon Shannon class lifeboat which enters service next spring will feature the names of thousands of people in a unique memorial, Launch a Memory, by the RNLI.

“The name of each person being remembered will feature in the lifeboat’s letters and numbers, the decal, displayed on her hull,” said the RNLI.

“The names will together make up the shape of the new lifeboat’s identifying operational number on the hull.”

Area Lifesaving Manager Stuart Gudgeon said: “We feel honoured to have been chosen to receive the all-weather Shannon class lifeboat with the very special decal on it.

“She is the first lifeboat in the RNLI’s history to have the decal filled with the names of remembered loved ones of our supporters who, by signing up and donating to Launch a Memory, help us save other people’s loved ones.”

There is a suggested donation of £30/30 euros and to sign up, go to: https// Since the Invergordon Trent class lifeboat Douglas Aikman Smith entered service in 1996, she has been launched 327 times and rescued 194 people, including 20 times and rescuing 13 people last year. (RNLI)

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