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Archie’s Lights


The Life and Times of a Scottish Lightkeeper
by Archie MacEachern & Anne MacEachern

Having been born into a lighthouse family, Archie MacEachern was familiar with the demands of being a keeper. His grandfather was the first MacEachern to join the service of the Northern Lighthouse Board. Over the years, Archie’s stories have gripped listeners of all ages and have now been beautifully compiled by Anne MacEachern in this wonderful book. Written in Archie’s words, from peacetime through war, we hear tales from dealing with goats to shipwrecked sailors to German spies. The story brings, vividly to life, the challenges of living and working at a lighthouse, including raising a young family at such an isolated and potentially dangerous place. Like his colleagues, Archie upheld to the best of his ability the ideal of their Service, ‘For the Safety of All’, but in his younger days he was not afraid to speak up and press, with others, for better conditions. His service as a full-time keeper continued in part-time capacities, extended over a period of 67 years. Through this man’s keen eye, the reader will meet people, birds, animals and situations from a lifetime of service; a revealing glimpse into this close-knit world. There is also humour, often that dry Highland humour, which adds spice to the telling; in Archie’s case a fondness for wild places and dried figs helped. Highly recommended.

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Archie MacEachern & Anne MacEachern




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