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Britannia’s Glory


A Maritime Story
by Maggie Ballinger

The origin of the British Isles – the ‘North-East Atlantic archipelago’, our evolution, development and formation is told within this book in a most unique way – in narrative verse. The story of our indissoluble engagement with the sea, our shores populated by waves of immigrants since prehistoric times. Celts, Romans, Saxons, Vikings, Normans, Flemings, peoples from Africa and the Caribbean have all come and been absorbed into and enriched our country. Our maritime expansion, driven by trade, the oceans as roads to riches, the inevitable story of war and conflict; British history is infused into the maritime dimension like salt in seawater. Simple, and crucially in a lively and accessible way, Britannia’s Glory – A Maritime Story presents our tale of uncertainty, suspense, adventure and romance as has never been done before.

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Maggie Ballinger


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