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Brunel’s Ships and Boats


by Helen Doe

At 94 pages, this book, by no means, would be able to do full justice to Brunel’s shipping ventures, but it is an excellent overview of his maritime projects. The famous Great Western, Great Britain and Great Eastern are bought together in this publication, but also some rather more humble craft. It all serves to provide a picture of Brunel’s continual commitments to naval architecture as well as the advancement of ship design and marine engines throughout his life. Like many of his contemporaries, Brunel did not see occupational boundaries and as an engineer. His interest always revolved around problem-solving and testing new technology which resulted in some of the most famous feats of engineering ever. Richly illustrated and endorsed by the SS Great Britain Trust, this is an extensively researched book that comes recommended to anyone with an interest in the great Isambard Kingdom Brunel’s work. 94 pages.

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