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Coast Lines Limited


1913 – 1975 by Nick Robins Although there have been a number of fleet lists published for Coast Lines Limited in recent years, an accurate account of the company’s activities has not previously been recorded. The history of Coast Lines is complicated by its evolving relationship with its owners until the mid-1930s, and with its various subsidiary companies throughout its tenure. It has its lows, serious lows, and its highs, for example; the design of the closed shelter deck motor vessel, British Coast, was innovative in the extreme. This book describes the core activities of Coast Lines Limited in detail and includes some of the major events in the history of the other companies in the Coast Lines group. The spotlight falls not only on the key activities and the ships, but also on the people such as Sir Alfred Read and Sir Arnet Robinson who made the company almost a monopoly in the coastal shipping trades. A well-researched and highly recommended book.

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