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by John Bevan

Lionel Kenneth Phillip Crabb, OBE, GM, known as ‘Buster Crabb’ was a British Royal Navy frogman and MI6 diver who vanished during a reconnaissance mission around a Soviet cruiser berthed at Portsmouth Dockyard in 1956. An official cover-up soon ensued and a plethora of conspiracy theories to what happened to Commander Crabb were born. This book is a result of personal investigation by the author – a diving historian, consultant and investigator / expert witness of diving accidents and incidents. It is an account drawn from documents released by the National Archives and goes some way to prove what really happened in this enduring mystery. An extended edition of John Bevan’s Commander Crabb – What Really Happened, this is a well written, and well researched book that is dedicated to the memory of a true Royal Navy hero.

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