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Celebrating the First Decade 2010 – 2019

by Richard Kirkman & Richard Bastow

Cruise & Maritime Voyages (CMV) celebrates a decade of operations this year, growing from a fleet of two ships in 2010, to become acknowledged as the UK’s leading independent cruise line with a choice of six small to medium-sized vessels and further expansion planned. CMV pride themselves on a more personal, friendlier, and authentic level of service and offer a richer more traditional maritime experience with a wider range of destinations and the simple pleasures of cruising aboard smaller to mid-sized ships. From the introduction of the Magellan in 2015 to the introduction of Amy Johnson in 2021, this book tells the definitive history of Cruise & Maritime Voyages success, with profiles of each of the key vessels, and records of the shipboard personnel and the voyages undertaken by the fleet. With a wealth of wonderful photographs, this book is a must-have for any cruise enthusiast. Highly recommended.

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Richard Kirkman & Richard Bastow


Cruises, General Interest


Amy Johnson, Magellan