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Cutty Sark


The Last of the Tea Clippers
by Eric Kentley

During her working life, Cutty Sark was famous as one of the fastest clippers ever built. Perhaps even more remarkable than her distinguished career, is her survival for a century and a half – thanks to both painstaking restoration and an unflagging interest in her story. This updated and expanded edition celebrates the 150th anniversary of this iconic ship. The narrative spans her construction at Dumbarton in 1869; her famous tea voyages as well as those with other cargoes; her career under a Portuguese flag; her subsequent return to the Thames, Greenwich; and the dramatic fire, painstaking restoration and glorious reopening in April 2012. The book has been developed from the outset with the Cutty Sark Trust and takes the form of a chronological career narrative, but also presents detailed features on crew accounts, log entries, pieces on seamanship, ports and cargoes and broader tall ship culture as well as an opportunity to focus on artefacts and the fittings of the ship. A beautifully illustrated and well-presented book. 199 pages.

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Cutty Sark


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