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Der Kapitan


U-Boat Ace Hans Rose

by Markus F Robinson & Gertrude J Robinson

Hans Rose was one of Germany’s most successful WWI U-boat aces, and its most successful ace during the convoy period when attacks by U-boats were most difficult and dangerous. This meticulously researched, carefully documented and lively biography examines German WWI submarine operations through the eyes of Hans Rose, not only conveying a visceral sense of life aboard a wartime submarine, but showing the evolution of submarine warfare. Later chapters provide a window into the dilemmas confronting professional German military officers as their nation spiralled into the abyss of Nazism. The authors present a balanced and complete portrait of this complex individual. This book is the only time the Rose family has agreed to make Hans Rose’s personal papers available to any researcher or biographer. The authors present new information from the Krupp archives and naval archives in Britain, US, and Germany.

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Markus F Robinson & Gertrude J Robinson


General Interest, War