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An Illustrated History
by Gerald Toghill

Often described as ‘the ship that shook the world’, Dreadnought’s entry into service in 1906 represented such an advance in naval technology that its name came to be associated with an entire generation of battleships, the “dreadnoughts”, as well as the class of ships named after it. Admiral Sir John “Jacky” Fisher, First Sea Lord of the Board of Admiralty, is credited as the father of Dreadnought. Shortly after he assumed office, he ordered design studies for a battleship armed solely with 12-inch (305 mm) guns and a speed of 21 knots (39 km/h; 24 mph). He convened a “Committee on Designs” to evaluate the alternative designs and to assist in the detailed design work. This book is a fascinating look at the history behind battleships and battle cruisers, from the ground-breaking HMS Dreadnought through to the last Royal Navy battleship, Vanguard. 128 pages with 100 illustrations.

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Gerald Toghill


History, War


HMS Dreadnought


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