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Engineering Hitler’s Downfall


The Brains That Enabled Victory
by Gwilym Roberts

This book concentrates on the technology which assisted the allies in Hitler’s downfall. From the Enigma machines, the inventions that defeated the magnetic mine, to the escort carriers and long-range aircraft that enabled U-boats to be attacked mid-Atlantic. It’s a fascinating read that includes time-lines of key events, illustrations and biographies of the principal engineers who assisted in advancing the war effort. Born in 1925, the author was a teenager throughout the six years of the Second World War and thus remembers its disasters and triumphs. He dedicates this book to all the engineers and other technologists who participated in WWII, without whom the war may not have ensured victory. A lasting tribute to the remarkable ingenuity and invention of these amazing scientists. With a foreword by Admiral Lord West. 226 pages illustrated with b&w photos and illustrations.

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Gwilym Roberts


History, War


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