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A History

by Simon Wenham

Hobbs of Henley is not only one of the best-known businesses in Henley-on- Thames it also boasts one of the most exclusive and recognisable fleets of boats playing the river today. Simon Wenham’s illustrated history, written to mark the firms 150th anniversary, shows how this now prominent business grew from a riverside pub in the late Victorian period to become one of the largest operators on the waterway with bases in a number of locations. It sheds light on 150 years of social change and demonstrates how the fortunes of the business were closely tied to the town’s famous regatta, as well as the ever-fluctuating demand for leisure. It also traces the considerable contribution that the Hobbs family made, not only in helping thousands of people each year to enjoy the beauty of the Thames, but in shaping the development of Henley in the modern era.

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Simon Wenham


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