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How the Navy Won the War


The Real Instrument of Victory – 1914-1918
by Jim Ring

It is sometimes easy to forget the role played by sea power in the First World War. All too often, the great global conflict is narrowed to the fields of Flanders and the plains of Picardy. This book, by award-winning biographer and naval historian Jim Ring, sets to put that straight. He looks at how Great Britain was able to move its army anywhere in the world. The Navy’s very existence deterred any attempt at invasion, and its great ships kept the German High Sea fleet at bay; lastly, the Navy gradually starved the Kaiser’s nation of war material and food. Choosing fourteen turning-points of the war, he explores the relative contributions made by land and sea power to the eventual outcome of the conflict in 1918. Well-researched and written with passion and verve, this book offers a very different way of looking at the conflict and is a great testament to the brave men of the Royal Navy.

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