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by Scott Addington

D-Day & Operation Overlord in One Hundred MomentsOperation “Overlord” saw the largest invasion fleet ever assembled, before or since, landing 156,000 Allied troops on five beach-heads on D-Day 6 June 1944. This pockedsized book takes a look at 100 decisive moments surrounding this key date. The moments are mixed and varied, from the payment the British infantrymen received, to the raid on a brothel the very next day, to the very low number of paratroopers who actually landed in the right place. New gadgets are looked at which includes a swimming tank, a flame throwing tank and even collapsible motorbikes. All this and much more is uncovered in a range of informative and detailed events spanning this most significant event in military history; biographies, fun facts, myth busters accompanied with illustrations, infographics and contemporary photographs. The facts and stories will surely inspire the reader to search out more D-Day stories as well as keeping these incredible moments and memories alive. 224 pages. Highly recommended.

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Scott Addington


History, War


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