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Last of the Blue Water Liners


by William H Miller

William H Miller, or ‘Mr Ocean Liner’ as he’s often known, has written scores of books on passenger ships and is an acknowledged world expert in his field, and here he has written another excellent book on the last class-divided passenger ships. In the final years of activity, spanning from the 1940s to the 1960s, they carried Hollywood stars and even royalty on the Atlantic, businessmen to South America and Africa, migrants to Australia and New Zealand, and visitors returning to European homelands. Last of the Blue Water Liners nods to the Atlantic liners but also revels in the many other passenger ships that plied trades around the world: vessels like the Antilles, Oslofjord, Kampala and Changsha. Accompanied by a plethora of rare images, this book is a nostalgic journey to a bygone age before jet travel changed the world.

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William H Miller




Antilles, Changsha, Kampala, Oslofjord


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