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My Friend the Sea


Growing Up and Travelling the World by Sea
by Douglas Model

This is a fascinating account of a young man growing up and finding his way in the merchant navy just after World War II. It spans over ten years and Douglas Model’s adventures begin with two years on the cadet training ship, HMS Worcester. Eight years serving in the Merchant Navy follows. Serving on ships such as MV Waipawa, MV Delphic, SS Gothic and SS Ceramic. We are taken to far-off lands, and meet all manner of people, including eccentric distant relatives in Australia, a drunken captain, another who was a tyrant, and primitive natives in Fiji. There are shipboard romances, a mutiny, and a growing need for the author to change the way he lives. It’s not only a book about ships and the sea, it is a coming of age story that is told with remarkable honesty. It’s a book that will greatly appeal to any ex Merchant Navy men who will enjoy these reminisces of life at sea. Well written and highly recommended. 222 pages, illustrated in b&w.

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Douglas Model


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MV Delphic, MV Waipawa, SS Ceramic, SS Gothic


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