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Ordeal Below Zero


The Heroic Story of the Arctic Convoys in World War II
by Georges Blond

From August 1941, convoys of merchant ships gathered in Scottish ports and Reykjavik in readiness to cross the Arctic Ocean. They carried war materials and Red Cross supplies for the Russian cities of Murmansk and Archangel. Each voyage was a struggle for survival through treacherous seas, ice-packs, snowstorms, and the Arctic darkness. It was a persistent struggle against German bomber planes, U-Boats, and destroyers, as well as the battleship Tirpitz. To survive the sea crossing was just the beginning as they also had to survive the Arctic winter. Author, Georges Blond, recreates these voyages, and the heroism of the ships’ crews, through official documents, ships’ logs, and eye-witness testimony. He conveys the drama and feats of endurance that led Winston Churchill to describe the Arctic convoys as “the worst journey in the world”. First published in 1956, this is a remarkable tribute to these brave men and what they went through. Highly recommended.

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