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    This well researched book is a testimony to the skill of the men who built the ships and to the many men and women who may have sailed or served on them. This history is brought together in vol 1 of a three-volume series about the almost-forgotten part that Leith played in our great maritime heritage and is the culmination...
    • United States Navy Submarines 1900-2019 (Images of War)
      In 1900 the US Navy took into its first submarine, the Holland VI, into service. With a single torpedo tube, it had a crew of six, weighed 82 tons and travelled submerged at 6.2mph at a depth of up to 75 feet. Contrast this to the 18 Ohio Class nuclearpowered submarines which entered service in 1981. Weighing 21,000 tons with...
      • Sea Breezes - Kinnaird Head Lighthouse
        KINNAIRD HEAD LIGHTHOUSE by Michael A W Strachan An Illustrated History The Kinnaird Head Lighthouse is an active lighthouse located on Kinnaird Head, in Fraserburgh, Scotland and is the only lighthouse in the world to be built into a castle. The original light was established by Thomas Smith in 1787 and was the most powerful light of its time. The...
        • Sea Breezes - From Scapa to Jutland
          Product Description: FROM SCAPA TO JUTLAND by John Allison The Story of HMS “Caroline” at War From 1914-1917 Amid the twists and turns of her survival to this day, the story of the light cruiser HMS Caroline spans a century and more. This book focuses on her early career, the role she played as just one of many components making...
          • Sea Breezes - Britains Last Paddle Steamers and the People Who Saved Them
            BRITAIN’S LAST PADDLE STEAMERS & THE PEOPLE WHO SAVED THEM Written & Produced by David Ellery Marking 60 Years of the Paddle Steamer Preservation Society A brand new broadcast quality documentary film on DVD looking at the huge achievements of the PSPS since its formation and the challenges faced along the way. Featuring previously unseen archive footage from the PSPS...
            • Sea Breezes - Sealink British Ferries
              SEALINK BRITISH FERRIES by Ian Collard Sealink’s antecedents go back to the packet boats of the days before steam. The invention of the steam engine greatly assisted the development of the railways and led to the growth of the packet boats. The private railway companies recognised the need for an integrated transport system which included operating services across the sea...
              • Sea Breezes - SSS Great Britain
                SS “GREAT BRITAIN” by Helen Doe Brunel’s Ship, Her Voyages, Passengers and Crew Experimental and controversial at the time, SS Great Britain led the way for iron shipbuilding and screw propulsion. This book charts the ship’s brilliant design and construction, and the tribulations of her owners as they battled financial crises to turn Isambard Kingdom Brunel’s vision into reality. Author,...
                • Sea Breezes - A Marine Artists Portfolio
                  Product Description: A MARINE ARTIST’S PORTFOLIO by Susanne Fournais Grube The Nautical Paintings of Susanne Fournais Susanne Fournaise Grube is a well-known and respected marine artist from Denmark and has been painting marine scenes for over thirty years, during which time, she has produced a large portfolio of material, not only depicting ships and small craft, but also the architecture...
                  • Sea Breezes - Invasion
                    INVASION! by Scott Addington D-Day & Operation Overlord in One Hundred MomentsOperation “Overlord” saw the largest invasion fleet ever assembled, before or since, landing 156,000 Allied troops on five beach-heads on D-Day 6 June 1944. This pockedsized book takes a look at 100 decisive moments surrounding this key date. The moments are mixed and varied, from the payment the British...
                    • Sea Breezes - Shetland and the Greenland Whaling00 Objects
                      Product Description: SHETLAND AND THE GREENLAND WHALING by Adrian Duncan For almost 150 years, from the mid-18th century, the annual “Greenland time” was a major event in Shetland. This was when the whale ships arrived to recruit their crews in Lerwick and Baltasound and old hands and “green” young hopefuls signed up for arduous voyages into Arctic waters after the...
                      • Sea Breezes - The Fleet Air Arm and Royal Naval Air Services in 100 Objects
                        THE FLEET AIR ARM AND ROYAL NAVAL AIR SERVICE IN 100 OBJECTS by David Morris A Research Fellow at Bournemouth University and a regular lecturer, author, David Morris has a keen interest in mechanical objects and rural history. And here, drawing on 100 fascinating objects, he presents an engaging history of the fleet air arm and Royal Naval air service....
                        • Sea Breezes - ECDIS
                          ECDIS Passage Planning and Watchkeeping, 2019 Edition This 2019 edition of ECDIS Passage Planning and Watchkeeping provides best practice techniques and guidance on the use of ECDIS. It includes clear explanations of the configuration of ECDIS settings and the four stages of route planning using the APEM method set out in IMO Resolution A.893(21) (appraisal, planning, execution and monitoring). The...
                          • Sea Breezes - Operation Sealion
                            The Invasion of England 1940 by Peter Schenk Author, Peter Schenk is a member of Berlin’s Groener Group and this detailed book is a result of the months researching Operation Sealion at Freiburg’s Military Archives. It is hard to believe that, in the summer of 1940, neither the Allies nor the Axis powers had any experience of large amphibious operations....
                            • Sea Breezes - The Sea Takes no Prisoners
                              Stories from the Men & Ships of the Royal Navy in the Second World War by Edmund S Wong Growing up in San Francisco, the author, a US Navy veteran, was captivated by the images of sailors in uniform and of great grey ships steaming beneath the Golden Gate Bridge. This, no doubt, inspired compiling this fascinating book that features...
                              • Sea Breezes - Transatlantic Liners
                                Great Passenger Ships That Never Were by David L Williams and Richard P De Kerbrech Since the end of the nineteenth century, there has been a stunning succession of transatlantic liners, from the White Star Line’s Oceanic of 1899 to the Cunard Line’s Queen Mary 2 of 2004. These floating palaces often contained luxurious staterooms, ballrooms and lounges for the...
                                • Sea Breezes - Shiphandling
                                  Passenger Ships Without Tugs by Captain Nick Nash, Master Mariner, FRGS, FRIN, FNI Captain Nick Nash shares his extensive knowledge and experience gained from over 14 years in command of cruise ships. The 361-page book covers the ‘mechanics’ of handling a large cruise ship and has primarily been written to help aspiring cruise ship captains to master the art. However,...
                                  • Sea Breezes - Great Passenger Ships That Never Were
                                    Great Passenger Ships That Never Were by David L Williams and Richard P De Kerbrech This book is a completely revised and updated version of Damned by Destiny (Teredo Books, 1982), a comprehensive account of the large passenger ships that, for one reason or another, never entered commercial service. Some never made it off the drawing board or out of...
                                    • Sea Breezes - Transatlantic Liners 1950 1970
                                      Transatlantic Liners 1950 - 1970 by William H Miller This book is a glorious reference of a grand, but bygone age to those passenger ships, large and small, that crossed the Atlantic. There were the likes of the Queen Mary and Queen Elizabeth, SS United States, Caronia, Andrea Doria, but also smaller, less memorable ships such as the Noordam, Paryhia...
                                      • Sea Breezes - Memoirs of a Seafarer
                                        by Ian Tew Aged just seven, author, Ian Tew, had learnt to sail and by his eighth birthday, he became the owner of a yellow sailing dinghy named Titwillow. It marked the beginning of what was to be a life at sea. After attending the Pangbourne Nautical College, which was an ominous experience, Ian left his seafaring family to join...
                                        • Sea Breezes - Cutty Sark
                                          The Last of the Tea Clippers by Eric Kentley During her working life, Cutty Sark was famous as one of the fastest clippers ever built. Perhaps even more remarkable than her distinguished career, is her survival for a century and a half – thanks to both painstaking restoration and an unflagging interest in her story. This updated and expanded edition...
                                          • Sea Breezes - Trip Out
                                            2019/20 by Geoffrey Hamer This guide lists all kinds of ferry services and pleasure cruises available around the coasts and on the inland waterways of the British Isles. Over nine hundred vessels are listed, including car ferries, fast catamarans, local pleasure boats, historic steam ships and horse-drawn canal boats. The vessels are as varied as the trips they offer. They...
                                            • Sea Breezes - Ships of the Chester River
                                              Shipbuilding on the Dee from Chester to the Point of Ayr 1800 – 1942 by Richard Martin This fascinating and well-researched book is the history of more than 600 vessels that were launched after 1800 in the Dee estuary, in Chester and north Wales, and the families and companies that built them. Although the industry on the Dee was not...
                                              • Sea Breezes - Hard Down Hard Down
                                                The Life and Times of Captain John Isbester from Shetland by Captain Jack Isbester This entertaining book describes the eventful life of a Shetland man in pursuit of his ambitions – to reach the top in his profession, to find a wife, to cherish a family, to do his job well and to be respected by his peers. Extracts from...
                                                • Sea Breezes - First Aid at Sea
                                                  by Douglas Justins & Colin Berry This fully updated new edition of First Aid at Sea provides an easy-to-access instant guide to emergency first aid for all seafarers. Included is a simple colour-coded thumb index of emergencies for quick reference, concise descriptions of medical conditions and prioritised list of treatments. To withstand use at sea, the book is ring bound...