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  • Sea Breezes - The Cod Hunters
    by John Goodlad The author has always been interested in the history of the Shetland fishing industry. This book is his story of the Faroe smacks. It is a very readable account of the incredible story of the Shetlanders who fished for cod around Faroe, Rockall, Iceland and Greenland. It is a story about ordinary people who did extraordinary things....
  • Sea Breezes - The Endurance
    Shackleton’s Legendary Antarctic Expedition by Caroline Alexander The Endurance Expedition is considered the last major expedition of the Heroic Age of Antarctic Exploration. Conceived by Sir Ernest Shackleton, the expedition was an attempt to make the first land crossing of the Antarctic continent. After the conquest of the South Pole by Roald Amundsen in 1911, this crossing remained, in Shackleton’s...
  • Sea Breezes - Taming the Atlantic
    The History of Man’s Battle with the World’s Toughest Ocean by Dag Pike This book traces the historical triumphs and traumas of crossing the Atlantic. Widely known as one of the toughest oceans on the planet, we visit the experiences of Columbus and the early explorers. By 1800 trade from both sides of the Atlantic was rife with manufactured goods...
  • Sea Breezes - Ships
    And Sealing Wax & Many Things by Roger Paine This fascinating collection of true stories was authored by retired Navy commander and former secretary to the trustees of the National Maritime Museum, Greenwich, Roger Paine. Learn about how the cells in one of Scotland’s biggest prisons were emptied to provide crews for merchant ships in World War II, how fond...
  • Sea Breezes - Cargo Liners and Tramps
    by Mark Lee Inman Mark Lee Inman spent his childhood and teenage years in South Wales, able to watch the movements of ships in and out of Swansea docks. Thus the passion for ships and photographing developed. Later he read geography at Queen Mary College, University of London. This proximity to London’s docks made it an ideal location to continue...
  • Sea Breezes - Mistress of Science
    The Story of the Remarkable Janet Taylor, Pioneer of Sea Navigation by John S Croucher & Rosalind F Croucher This is the first ever biography of the notable Janet Taylor- the nineteenth century navigator and mathematician. The book tells of her rise to prominence and the incredible mark she left on the male-dominated field of sea navigation. She published various...
  • Sea Breezes - British Motor Fishing Vessels
    by John McWilliams The author lives in St Ives in Cornwall and from a fishing family. Over the years, he has collected many photographs and postcards relating to the Cornish fishing industry. This book is based around his terrific rare and unpublished images and tells the story of British traditional working boats. Amongst others are the Morecambe Bay Prawners, Manx...
  • Sea Breezes - Kirkcaldy Harbour
    An Illustrated History by Carol McNeill Standing in Kirkcaldy today, it’s hard to imagine the sight of King James V of Scotland and his seven magnificent ships leaving for France to claim a French princess as his bride. Much has happened to this famous Harbour over the years, and this book traces its notable history. From its sixteenth-century Royal connections,...
  • Sea Breezes - Atlantic Hijack
    by Sam Grant Set in the 1960s, this novel begins on a regular cargo ship voyage to South America. It is soon disrupted by two folk singer passengers who are part of a freedom fighting group attempting to gain control of the Falkland Islands. After the murder of the Captain, Paul Anderson takes charge with his wife Natalia and his...
  • Sea Breezes - River Escape
    by Sam Grant A sequel to the author’s previous book, Atlantic Hijack, the book begins with Mike and Jane who are now married and have returned to Liverpool. Mike is appointed First Mate to join an aged oil tanker, Albany Empress, laid up in the River Fal. On arrival in Venezuela, a military coup threatens the safety of both ship...
  • Sea Breezes - Cunard - TDiving for Treasure
    by Vic Verlinden and Stefan Panis This is the latest book in Whittles Publishing’s fascinating Dive Series and details the efforts to dive to shipwrecks that contained treasure in one form or another. Included, amongst many others, are the countless attempts to recover gold from the SS Tubantia wreck, SS Justicia (often referred to as the Dutch Titanic), the Belgian...
  • Sea Breezes - Cunard - The Fleet Book
    by Marc-Antoine Bombail & Michael Gallagher This unique reference book is a comprehensive and detailed list of all the Cunard ships that have served with the company since 1840. From the Britannia, the first ship built for the British and North American Royal Mail Steam Packet Company, to 2010’s Queen Elizabeth. It’s a well-designed book that is littered throughout with...
  • Sea Breezes - Coasters on Canals
    by Bernard McCall This full colour photographic book takes the reader on a trip through mainland Europe, the impressive canals and the coasters that use them. It’s impossible not to be impressed at the huge vessels on these, often narrow, canals. From the Saimaa Canal, a transportation canal that connects Lake Saimaa with the Gulf of Finland near Vyborg, Russia,...
  • Sea Breezes - The Dunkirk Evacuation in 100 Objects
    The Story Behind Operation Dynamo by Martin Mace This is an unusual look at the story of Operation Dynamo which draws on 100 objects to tell the tale. From the wreck of a ship, a dug-up rifle and large memorials – all represent a moving snapshot of what became known as ‘The Miracle of Dunkirk’. The author has a wealth...
  • Sea Breezes - British Paddle Steamers
    The Twilight Years by John Megoran Growing up in Weymouth in the 1950s and 1960s, author, John Megoran, witnessed the decline of the British paddle steamers, and the subsequent attempts to preserve them, first-hand on his doorstep. By the time he was planning his career at sea, there were virtually no paddle steamers left. It was plain to see that...
  • Sea Breezes - Sailors Behind the Medals
    Waging War At Sea 1939-1945 by Chris Bilham Between 1939 and 1945, the Royal Navy faced the most severe crisis in its history as it engaged in intense combat operations throughout World War II. The Navy suffered many disasters and came very close to defeat, but, ultimately, triumphed. The 23 men, whose medals are featured in this book, all played...
  • Sea Breezes - Captain Carteret And The Voyage Of The Swallow
    by H G Mowat Aged just 14, Captain Philip Carteret entered the Navy in 1747, serving aboard the Salisbury, and then under Captain John Byron from 1751 to 1755. Between 1757 and 1758, he was in Guernsey on the Mediterranean Station. As a lieutenant in the Dolphin, he accompanied Byron during his voyage of circumnavigation, from June 1764 to May...
  • Sea Breezes - Holland America Cruise Ships
    by Ian Collard Established in 1873, The Holland America Line operated a fleet of passenger and cargo vessels from the Netherlands to the east and west coasts of America. The company later acquired the stock of the Europa-Canada Line and in 1964, became involved with the Swedish America Line, Axel Johnson and Wallenius Rederiana to form the Atlantic Container Line....
  • Sea Breezes - Queen Elizabeth
    by Miles Cowsill In 2010, Cunard took delivery of their cruise liner the Queen Elizabeth, built by Fincantieri in Italy. This book sets the scene with a brief history of the original Queen Elizabeth, before taking the reader on a journey, from the construction of the ship, to her entry into service in 2010. Since then, she has called at...
  • Sea Breezes - Queen Mary 2
    by Miles Cowsill The fifth edition of this book, which is part of the series on the current fleet of Cunard ships, covers the development, construction and the history of this famous cruise liner built in France. RMS Queen Mary 2 is the largest major ocean liner built for the Cunard Line since Queen Elizabeth 2 in 1969, the vessel...
  • Sea Breezes - The Adlard Coles Book of Mediterranean Cruising
    4th Edition by Rod Heikell World renowned expert, Rod Heikel, here presents the perfect guide for anyone interested in cruising in the Mediterranean. This fourth edition highlights the joys of Mediterranean cruising and offers practical first-hand advice on sailing these enticing waters. The Mediterranean can deliver a few surprises to the ill-informed, but the invaluable advice in this practical guide...
  • Sea Breezes - The Aberdeen Line
    George Thompson Jnr’s Incomparable Shipping Enterprise by Peter H King Founded in 1825 by George Thompson, the Aberdeen Line was formed to take sailing vessels to St Lawrence, carrying passengers and returning with cargoes of timber. By 1837, the business flourished and grew to 12 sailing vessels that travelled to South America, the Pacific, West Indies and the Mediterranean. In...
  • Sea Breezes - Scottish Lighthouse Pioneers
    Travels with the Stevensons in Orkney and Shetland by Paul A Lynn This delightful book takes us on a tour of Orkney and Shetland and the marvellous engineering feats of the Stevenson family. The book begins by casting off from the small harbour at John o’ Groats to seek out the five classic lighthouses that guide sailors along Orkney’s eastern...
  • Sea Breezes - Reeds Marine Distance Tables
    15th Edition by Reeds This pocket book is a perfect ready-reckoner for captains, navigators and owners of merchant and cruise ships wanting a quick and accurate distance reference between all the regularly used commercial ports around the world. They are also of increasing value to the superyacht fleet. The book is divided into key ‘market areas’, and includes a pull-out...