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  • Sea Breezes - The Great Scuttle
    The End of the German High Seas Fleet: Witnessing History by David Meara (Author) The scuttling of the German fleet took place at the Royal Navy’s base at Scapa Flow, in Scotland, after the First World War. The High Seas Fleet was interned there under the terms of the Armistice whilst negotiations took place over the fate of the ships....
    • Sea Breezes - Shipbuilding in Britain
      by Fred M Walker Shipbuilding in one of the oldest and greatest industries of the UK. Not surprising for an island nation with a lengthy coastline and in which few people live more than 50 miles from the sea. In particular, Sunderland has produced fine ships on the River Wear for more than 800 years. In 1913, the shipyards of...
      • Sea Breezes - Crabbgate
        by John Bevan Lionel Kenneth Phillip Crabb, OBE, GM, known as ‘Buster Crabb’ was a British Royal Navy frogman and MI6 diver who vanished during a reconnaissance mission around a Soviet cruiser berthed at Portsmouth Dockyard in 1956. An official cover-up soon ensued and a plethora of conspiracy theories to what happened to Commander Crabb were born. This book is...
        • Sea Breezes - Dreadnoughts
          An Illustrated History by Gerald Toghill Often described as ‘the ship that shook the world’, Dreadnought’s entry into service in 1906 represented such an advance in naval technology that its name came to be associated with an entire generation of battleships, the “dreadnoughts”, as well as the class of ships named after it. Admiral Sir John “Jacky” Fisher, First Sea...
          • Sea Breezes - Archies Lights
            The Life and Times of a Scottish Lightkeeper by Archie MacEachern & Anne MacEachern Having been born into a lighthouse family, Archie MacEachern was familiar with the demands of being a keeper. His grandfather was the first MacEachern to join the service of the Northern Lighthouse Board. Over the years, Archie’s stories have gripped listeners of all ages and have...
            • Sea Breezes - The Port of Southampton
              by Ian Collard Southampton is one of Britain’s busiest ports with facilities to handle virtually every type of cargo. Its natural deep-water harbour and unique double tide allow unrestricted access for large vessels to berth. As a port, its roots can be traced back as far as 1843 when the first dock was inaugurated. In this book, Ian Collard unearths...
              • Sea Breezes - The Heyday of Thames Pleasure Steamers
                by Andrew Gladwell The sight of a splendid looking pleasure steamer arriving at a seaside resort and disembarking hundreds of happy day trippers is a sight few would remember now. But just half a century ago, the fleet of Eagle Steamers were as much a part of Margate, Southend, Clacton and Ramsgate as were the famous amusement parks such as...
                • Sea Breezes - Reeds Weather Handbook
                  2nd edition by Frank Singleton Weather determines when we sail, where we sail to and whether we arrive safely. This essential pocket-sized guide equips the reader with all the necessary tools to predict and deal with local and distant weather conditions, whether on a day trip or a longer cruise, along the coast or further offshore. Each topic is broken...
                  • Sea Breezes - Britannias Glory
                    A Maritime Story by Maggie Ballinger The origin of the British Isles – the ‘North-East Atlantic archipelago’, our evolution, development and formation is told within this book in a most unique way – in narrative verse. The story of our indissoluble engagement with the sea, our shores populated by waves of immigrants since prehistoric times. Celts, Romans, Saxons, Vikings, Normans,...
                    • Sea Breezes - South Coast Passenger Vessels
                      by John Megoran It could be forgiven to think that the days of long coastal excursions by paddle steamers on the south coast are a thing of the past, but through this book, it was surprising to learn that there are still more than 80 vessels offering cruises today. Along with the larger vessels which take passengers across the Channel...
                      • Sea Breezes - Coastal Shipping International
                        2019 by Bernard McCall During 2000 to 2009, Coastal Shipping Publications released a yearly coaster annual. Due to the popularity of these annuals and the many requests to resume them, Bernard McCall has duly replied with this excellent photographic A4 sized hard-back. It looks at some of the aspects of coastal shipping world-wide. From Canada to Cornwall and from New...
                        • Sea Breezes - How the Navy Won the War
                          The Real Instrument of Victory – 1914-1918 by Jim Ring It is sometimes easy to forget the role played by sea power in the First World War. All too often, the great global conflict is narrowed to the fields of Flanders and the plains of Picardy. This book, by award-winning biographer and naval historian Jim Ring, sets to put that...
                          • Sea Breezes - Ship Spotters Guide
                            by Angus Konstam Since the days of the Ancient Greeks, naval ships of all sizes have revolutionized warfare. From the Viking longship, pirate ships and super dreadnoughts to today’s nuclear submarines and aircraft carriers, naval warfare has proved to be an essential component of military forces across the world. The Ship Spotter’s Guide provides essential information on 40 iconic ships,...
                            • Sea Breezes - Jackspeak
                              A Guide to British Naval Slang and Usage by Rick Jolly This entertaining and amusing book is a comprehensive guide to the humorous and colourful slang of the Senior Service, explaining, in layman’s terms the otherwise cryptic everyday language of the Royal Navy, the Royal Marines and the Fleet Air Arm. Featuring more than 4,000 alphabetical entries, it was compiled...
                              • Sea Breezes - The Merchant Navy
                                by Richard Woodman This title tells the epic story of Britain’s merchant shipping, carrying exotic goods from all quarters of the world. At one time, British ships carried half of the world’s trade. The origins of the Merchant Navy can be traced back as far as the first half of the sixteenth century when, under Henry VIII, England began to...
                                • Sea Breezes - Not Enough Room to Swing a Cat
                                  Naval Slang and its Everyday Use by Martin Robson We are all well accustomed to phrases such as “money for old rope”, “batten down the hatches”, “at loggerheads” and “a loose cannon”. The naval community once had its own language, incomprehensible to anyone who was not a sailor, which described and explained his unique world. But on shore leave, these...
                                  • Sea Breezes - Sailing to the Sun
                                    Cruising History and Evolution by William H Miller Today, the worldwide cruise industry is booming and there are more liners carrying more passenger than ever before in all maritime history. There were some 120 new cruise ships built during last year alone which included the biggest and the most luxurious afloat. Cruise ships visit ports around the world and the...
                                    • Sea Breezes - A Seamans Pocket-Book
                                      by Authority of the Lords Commissioners of the Admiralty At the height of the Second World War this small pocket-book was issued to all ratings on board ships of the Royal Navy. In straight period prose, it outlines all the basic expressions and tasks a seaman needed to know to perform his duties efficiently. Chapters are broken down into: Sea...
                                      • Sea Breezes - U-Boats Around Ireland
                                        The Story of the Royal Navy’s Coast of Ireland Command During the First World War by Guy Warner In this well-researched and readable new book, Guy Warner tells the story of the vital role Ireland played during the First World War. Together with examining the growth in Royal Navy anti-submarine activities and the roles of key personnel, it also looks...
                                        • Sea Breezes - The Dover Straits Railway Cargo Steamers
                                          at Enabled Victory by John Hendy This, the follow up to the author’s previous books, Dover – Calais and Folkestone for the Continent, focuses on the cargo steamers within the growth and development of the ports of Dover and Folkestone. Despite their rather low profile, these robust little cargo ships played a pivotal role in major twentieth century conflicts and...
                                          • Sea Breezes - South Wales Tugs in Colour
                                            by Andrew Wiltshire The author’s fascination with tugs began at the age of five in South Wales back in 1966. Since then, Andrew Wiltshire has gained a fine reputation as one of the UK’s leading writers on maritime matter. Renowned for publications of meticulous research and high-quality photos, this is another fine book. Workhorses of the maritime world, the tug’s...
                                            • Sea Breezes - Waverley on Londons River
                                              with Chris Philips Last year marked the 40th anniversary of Waverley’s first visit to the Thames in 1978. This new DVD celebrates that anniversary. We join Waverley at Gravesend and sail up the Thames to London passing under the QEII Bridge, past the Thames Barrier and the high-rise buildings of London’s Docklands business district. We sail past the historic water...
                                              • Sea Breezes - Recollections of an Unsuccessful Seaman
                                                by Leonard Noake (Author), David Creamer (Editor) This moving book was written by George Leonard Noake who wrote these tales to keep himself occupied after learning of his incurable illness from which he died, aged 42 years, in 1929. It is a true unpretentious insight into life in the mercantile marine some 90 years ago and has been magnificently edited...
                                                • Sea Breezes - Engineering Hitlers Downfall
                                                  The Brains That Enabled Victory by Gwilym Roberts This book concentrates on the technology which assisted the allies in Hitler’s downfall. From the Enigma machines, the inventions that defeated the magnetic mine, to the escort carriers and long-range aircraft that enabled U-boats to be attacked mid-Atlantic. It’s a fascinating read that includes time-lines of key events, illustrations and biographies of...