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  • Sea Breezes - Looking Back on Container Ships
    by Andrew Wiltshire This is Andrew Wiltshire’s seventh book in the ‘Looking Back’ series and it does not disappoint. The reader is taken on a fifty-year journey exploring container ships from around the world. We learn about the ships that have rapidly changed the face of shipping and global trade today and the consortia formed to operate them. It’s a...
  • Sea Breezes - QE2 A 50th Anniversary Celebration
    A 50th Anniversary Celebration by Chris Frame & Rachelle Cross Released to commemorate last year’s 50th anniversary, this beautiful book celebrates the famous ship’s history. It was on 20 September 1967 that her Majesty the Queen said the words; “I name this ship Queen Elizabeth the Second, God bless her and all who sail in her”. And so began one...