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  • Sea Breezes - Melbourne Bound
    span style="color: #0269b3"> From the Neb to the Yarra by Barbara Greenwood A well-illustrated book describing the voyages of two Manx-built vessels – the schooner Vixen (built 1851, 93 tons) and cutter Peveril (1848, 59 tons) – from the Neb River, in the Isle of Man, to Melbourne, and which should be of equal appeal to those living in Australia...
    • Sea Breezes - The Great Liners Part 43 DVD
      A Maritime Medley Part Three by Des Cox – Snowbow This 43rd Episode in Snowbow’s excellent series of ‘The Great Liners’ is 75 mins of sheer maritime magic, produced using rare films never made public before, starting with a wonderful 11 mile cruise down the Thames in the early 1960s, from Tower Pier to Margate, via all the docks en-route...
      • Sea Breezes - The Port of Liverpool
        In the 1960s and 1970s by Ian Collard The author has written many books on ocean liners and cargo ships, particularly those sailing out of Liverpool itself. Acknowledged as one of the local experts, he resides in the Wirral, within sight and sound of the Mersey. This book is a fascinating collection of images, most of which are previously unpublished,...
        • Sea Breezes - Ordeal Below Zero
          The Heroic Story of the Arctic Convoys in World War II by Georges Blond From August 1941, convoys of merchant ships gathered in Scottish ports and Reykjavik in readiness to cross the Arctic Ocean. They carried war materials and Red Cross supplies for the Russian cities of Murmansk and Archangel. Each voyage was a struggle for survival through treacherous seas,...
          • Sea Breezes - Reeds Astro Navigation Tables
            2019 by Andy Du Port Reeds Astro Navigation Tables is an established book of annual astro-navigation tables compiled specifically for the needs of yachtsmen. It contains all the information the ocean-going sailor needs (without the bulk) in order to navigate by the sun, moon, planets and stars, using tables devised by practical ocean navigators. This book, together with a sextant,...
            • Sea Breezes - Picturing the Pacific
              Joseph Banks and the Shipboard Artists of Cook and Flinders by James Taylor Between the 1760s and the early 19th century, the pioneers who sailed from Europe to explore the Pacific brought back glimpses of this new world in the form of oil paintings, watercolours and drawings. Today these works represent a fascinating perspective from the frontier of discovery. It...
              • Sea Breezes - The Fishing Boats Story
                by Mike Smylie This well-presented pocket-sized book, tells the history of Britain’s wonderful array of fishing boats. These older vessels developed in their own unique ways, dependent on local traditions, the type of fishing, their place of operation and innovation from fishermen and boatbuilders alike. Some of these fascinating vessels still ply the waters under private ownership. Later, with motorisation,...
                • Sea Breezes - Last of the Blue Water Liners
                  by William H Miller William H Miller, or ‘Mr Ocean Liner’ as he’s often known, has written scores of books on passenger ships and is an acknowledged world expert in his field, and here he has written another excellent book on the last class-divided passenger ships. In the final years of activity, spanning from the 1940s to the 1960s, they...
                  • Sea Breezes - Scratch A Salcombe Boy
                    An Autobiography by Billy ‘Scratch’ Hitchen At the age of just 14, author, Billy ‘Scratch’ Hitchen, ran away to sea. Remarkably, by the age of 19 he had sailed around the world five times! This autobiography, takes us on his journeys around the globe. From the mountainous seas off Cape Horn, to the Indian Ocean and the Pacific, from the...
                    • Sea Breezes - Ferries of the Irish Sea
                      Across the Decades by Miles Cowsill This is one of Ferry Publications’ “Ferries of... and Cruise Ships of...” series of books. Having spent many years of my career in the ferry business on the Irish Sea, this book was a real delight, documenting in pictures the busy ferry industry on the Irish Sea over the last four decades, a period...
                      • Sea Breezes - Crime on a Queen
                        by James Harley After leaving school at 15, author, James Harley, served an engineering apprenticeship and joined the Merchant Navy as an engineer officer for six year. He spent the rest of his working life with the Ministry of Defence, their ships and the sea. This book is a wonderful read by an author who clearly has great knowledge of...
                        • Sea Breezes - The Smuggling Leg
                          by James Harley This is the follow up to ‘Crime on a Queen’ and is every bit as good. James Royston and Fred Baker are doing well as private investigators when Joyce, an ambitious journalist, invites them to look into a problem for her paper. Joyce’s friend has a brother, who she says is being hunted and is fearful for...
                          • Sea Breezes - The Sea War and Barbed Wire
                            A Story of Merchant Naval Men by Philip Algar This is the fascinating story of oil tanker master, Captain Stanley Algar, who, together with his colleagues, was captured in the Atlantic and spent four years behind barbed wire. Drawing on his diaries, hidden from the Germans, we discover how the prisoners survived in brutal conditions. Their story is also put...
                            • Sea Breezes - Bell Rock Lighthouse
                              by Michael A W Strachan The Bell Rock Lighthouse, built on the Inchcape Rock, a submerged reef some 12 miles off the coast of Arbroath, is the world’s oldest surviving sea-washed lighthouse. It was built between 1807 and 1810 by Robert Stevenson who was the first man on the reef and the last man off, a personal commitment which saw...
                              • Sea Breezes - Guide to Ships Their Cargoes and Working Environment
                                by Capt Bill Chalmers FICS This book serves as a highly informative insight into a range of nautical subjects for those serving at sea, professionally connected with the sea or just with an interest in ships and shipping. There’s something for everyone with chapters on; tankers, propulsion and speed, ship management, pollution, international trade, marine insurance and classification, amongst many...
                                • Sea Breezes - Black Flags Blue Waters
                                  The Epic History of America’s Most Notorious Pirates by Eric Jay Dolin Set against the backdrop of the Age of Exploration, this book reveals the dramatic and surprising history of American piracy’s “Golden Age” when lawless pirates plied the coastal waters of North America and beyond. Best-selling author Eric Jay Dolin illustrates how American colonists at first supported these outrageous...
                                  • Sea Breezes - Welsh Pirates and Privateers
                                    by Terry Breverton This delightful pocket book is the author’s eighth book about pirates and privateers. This book takes the reader on an historical tour of Wales and its associated pirates and piracy. From the entrapment and murder of Llywelyn ap Gruffudd in 1282 to ‘Black Bart’ Roberts – the most famous pirate in history. It’s a real eye-opener which...
                                    • Sea Breezes - The Lifeboat Service in England
                                      The North East Coast: Station by Station by Nicholas Leach The RNLI was established in 1824 and has a long and proud tradition of saving life at sea. Today, the volunteer lifeboat crews on the coasts of Northumberland, County Durham, Yorkshire and Lincolnshire operate high-tech state-of-the-art lifeboats for the purpose of saving lives at sea. The RNLI currently operates 16...
                                      • Sea Breezes - The Cod Hunters
                                        by John Goodlad The author has always been interested in the history of the Shetland fishing industry. This book is his story of the Faroe smacks. It is a very readable account of the incredible story of the Shetlanders who fished for cod around Faroe, Rockall, Iceland and Greenland. It is a story about ordinary people who did extraordinary things....
                                        • Sea Breezes - Taming the Atlantic
                                          The History of Man’s Battle with the World’s Toughest Ocean by Dag Pike This book traces the historical triumphs and traumas of crossing the Atlantic. Widely known as one of the toughest oceans on the planet, we visit the experiences of Columbus and the early explorers. By 1800 trade from both sides of the Atlantic was rife with manufactured goods...
                                          • Sea Breezes - Ships
                                            And Sealing Wax & Many Things by Roger Paine This fascinating collection of true stories was authored by retired Navy commander and former secretary to the trustees of the National Maritime Museum, Greenwich, Roger Paine. Learn about how the cells in one of Scotland’s biggest prisons were emptied to provide crews for merchant ships in World War II, how fond...
                                            • Sea Breezes - Cargo Liners and Tramps
                                              by Mark Lee Inman Mark Lee Inman spent his childhood and teenage years in South Wales, able to watch the movements of ships in and out of Swansea docks. Thus the passion for ships and photographing developed. Later he read geography at Queen Mary College, University of London. This proximity to London’s docks made it an ideal location to continue...
                                              • Sea Breezes - Mistress of Science
                                                The Story of the Remarkable Janet Taylor, Pioneer of Sea Navigation by John S Croucher & Rosalind F Croucher This is the first ever biography of the notable Janet Taylor- the nineteenth century navigator and mathematician. The book tells of her rise to prominence and the incredible mark she left on the male-dominated field of sea navigation. She published various...
                                                • Sea Breezes - British Motor Fishing Vessels
                                                  by John McWilliams The author lives in St Ives in Cornwall and from a fishing family. Over the years, he has collected many photographs and postcards relating to the Cornish fishing industry. This book is based around his terrific rare and unpublished images and tells the story of British traditional working boats. Amongst others are the Morecambe Bay Prawners, Manx...