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Ship of Legend by William H Miller

The 1960s were, it was believed, the end of the era of transatlantic liners. Grand, graceful but aging luxury ships such as the Queen Mary and Queen Elizabeth were surpassed and outmoded by the new age of jet aircraft. By 1963, airlines had secured over 95 percent of all transatlantic travellers. But looking to the future, the historic Cunard Line believed that there was room for one more, last Atlantic super ship. Thus, came the ship which became the most successful super liner of all time, the Queen Elizabeth 2 . Fondly known as the ‘QE2’, she was launched and named by HM the Queen in 1967, entered service two years later and went on to sail for 39 years. She now resides in a museum & hotel like role out of Dubai. The QE2 is a lasting and fitting tribute to Cunard, to British shipping, to all ocean liners. This book has been created on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the ship’s maiden crossing (in May 1969) from Southampton to New York. A maritime icon, she well deserves yet another tribute!

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Queen Elizabeth 2