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Shetland Mariners in The Great War


by J Laughton Johnston

At least 1755 Shetland merchant mariners served in the Great War, of whom some 78 lost their lives in action. This book attempts to enumerate and identify these brave men who were involved in enemy action. Because of its strategic importance, the coast of Shetland was patrolled by a fleet of some 200-armed trawlers and drifters. The ages of the Shetlanders serving was as young as 14 all the way through to 70 in a range of positions from Cook, Deck Hand and Stoker to Master and Chief Engineer. This is the first account of their ships, their fates, who they were and where they came from. It is by no means a definitive account, but an on-going work-in-progress, which, through new research, reveals these brave Shetlander’s stories for the first time. An excellent book for anyone interested in the First World War and Shetland. 96 pages illustrated in b&w and colour.

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