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Shipbuilding in Britain


by Fred M Walker

Shipbuilding in one of the oldest and greatest industries of the UK. Not surprising for an island nation with a lengthy coastline and in which few people live more than 50 miles from the sea. In particular, Sunderland has produced fine ships on the River Wear for more than 800 years. In 1913, the shipyards of Britain were responsible for building half of all the world’s ships. At the Clyde in Scotland, at this time, a new ship was launched every 18 hours. For decades Britain was at the forefront of shipbuilding; the history and economy of towns such as Belfast, Liverpool and the Clyde in Scotland were dominated by the industry and thousands were employed within it. Shipbuilding in Britain looks at the subject’s long history, back to the Middle Ages through to the advent of steam, providing a comprehensive guide to a transformed industry. 64 pages, illustrated with black & white and colour photographs.

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