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Passenger Ships Without Tugs
by Captain Nick Nash, Master Mariner, FRGS, FRIN, FNI

Captain Nick Nash shares his extensive knowledge and experience gained from over 14 years in command of cruise ships. The 361-page book covers the ‘mechanics’ of handling a large cruise ship and has primarily been written to help aspiring cruise ship captains to master the art. However, it will also be a useful source of reference for more experienced officers. The book discusses; ship equipment, including propellers, rudders and thrusters; podded propulsion systems; the rate of turn indicator; and radius track control systems, shiphandling theory, including berthing and lifting-off techniques, the pivot point, drift angle, and Bernoulli’s theory as it relates to ship squat and interaction, the effect of wind and current and how to calculate the forces on the vessel and stopping techniques and emergency anchoring. The appendix includes numerous approach / departure plans for ports around the world, based on the author’s own manoeuvring notes. Each port is illustrated with annotated route charts and practical guidance notes.

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