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The Dover Strait’s Railway Cargo Steamers


at Enabled Victory
by John Hendy

This, the follow up to the author’s previous books, Dover – Calais and Folkestone for the Continent, focuses on the cargo steamers within the growth and development of the ports of Dover and Folkestone. Despite their rather low profile, these robust little cargo ships played a pivotal role in major twentieth century conflicts and were always much admired by those who worked these vessels. Lavishly illustrated, we follow the operations of the rival Victorian cargo fleets of the 1870s and the improvement in tonnage during South Eastern & Chatham’s period of management. By the 1920s, the Southern Railway was formed and introduced the successful ‘Town’ class. The book concludes by charting the decline of the post war Folkestone – Boulogne service run by British Railways. For some 140 years, these sturdy vessels plied the Dover – Calais route and this is an excellent tribute to them and the people that served them.

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