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The Great Liners – Episode 47


The Great British Merchant Navy This, one of the best and important DVDs Snowbow have ever produced, is 75 mins of fascinating viewing. It takes the viewer back to the early 20th century, to tell the story of our, once great, shipping industry and Merchant Navy, when they were the biggest and best in the whole world. The majority of the content is rare archive film, allowing this important story to be told in a way never seen before, and the end result is totally gripping from start to end. Included is remarkable footage of our once great shipyards and spectacular launchings of ships that lead the world, both in design and technology. We see famous boat trains leaving mainline stations for our great ports that were once crammed full of ships of every shape and size, all proudly flying the British Red Ensign. With over 250,000 seafarers, our great Merchant Navy needed a constant supply of highly trained recruits, and more rare film takes us to some of the many Sea Training Schools where we see young boys being put through the most thorough training. Then when they graduate, we follow them as they go to join their very first ships, and share with them their feeling of nervous excitement, sense of adventure and pride, as they first set eyes on their ship to be. This is a programme not only made for us ship lovers, but also to serve as a lasting record so that future generations will be able to see for themselves, just how great a maritime nation Britain once was.

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