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The Sea Takes no Prisoners


Stories from the Men & Ships of the Royal Navy in the Second World War
by Edmund S Wong

Growing up in San Francisco, the author, a US Navy veteran, was captivated by the images of sailors in uniform and of great grey ships steaming beneath the Golden Gate Bridge. This, no doubt, inspired compiling this fascinating book that features the voices of over 125 Royal Navy men and women who recount their days of service to Britain and the world during the 1939 1945 war at sea. The stories, selected from the audio archive of the Imperial War Museum, cover as wide a range as possible of wartime experiences that include; life before the war, motivations for enlisting, training and reporting for sea duty. Accounts of fear, anger and terror are intertwined with others that concern love, humour and fun. Shipboard life is remembered as ranging from hectic to monotonous, both inspiring and frustrating and dangerous, yet also secure. A fascinating book and highly recommended.

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