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The True Confessions of William Owen


Smuggler, Privateer and Murderer
by Terry Breverton

The making of this book is just as fascinating as the story itself, as the author attempts to research the life of notorious smuggler, William Owen. Uncovering the truth amongst the lies, it became a true detective story. Along the way, we become acquainted with the rogue John Lilly, Owen’s adversary then accomplice, whom Owen killed to escape a hue and cry on Lilly’s horse. We discover where he shot Lilly, on a field then renamed Cae Lilly, and that some of his remarkable claims were indeed true. We find out that he committed bigamy and examine the trial where he was oddly acquitted of murdering customs officers. A strange man, who thought nothing of killing unarmed men in cold blood, admitted to many affairs, visiting brothels and fathering illegitimate children, yet despised drunkenness, the book examines the truth and lies of his remarkable life. 192 pages, illustrated in b&w.

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